Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Farewell to our Rehearsal Space

Time passed really like a blink of an eye. Without knowing it we have been rehearsing every Sunday since Sept 2007 onwards.

I still remember meeting up with the cast members for the first time during a high tea at Duta Nusantara and how we rehearse during every Sunday afternoon. Good recollections.

Thank you very much to all our rehearsal spaces namely Duta Nusantara's Club House & Dance Space, Plaza Damas for keeping us save. We had a smooth bump in on Monday night.

Some of us dedicated our free hours for recording and travelled from Kepong to TTDI just to help out with the music accompaniment.

Tria Aziz, the leading voice for the theme song of the movie, "Waris Jari Hantu", is now a full fledge jazz dancer apart from her natural singing talent. You wont missed her especially in her song, "My Strongest Suit" accompanied by the multi talented Sayang Dancers.

Farah Sulaiman will also bring you back into the beautiful world of Mary Poppins in the song "Jolly Holiday". Even the Daffodils could dance and sing. Do catch Johan Yusof and Sabrina Hassan in this lovely number. My all time personal favourite are the cute little animals that appeared on stage during the bridge of the song. You'd really have to watch the show yourself.

As for traveling to Panggung Bandaraya, make sure you plan your journey well. Parking spaces are available along the river or near the St Mary's Cathedral next to Dataran Merdeka.

There are nearby restaurants for you and your love ones to grab a quick bite namely The Tebing food court, Burger King or even McDonalds. If you are more adventurous, you can even proceed to the famous beef noodle store just nearby Jalan Silang.

Radhi Khalid is someone that you must watch. From a rugged Cowboy, he transformed himself into a leader of the pickpockets playing Faggin for songs from Oliver.

Apart from his serious look, Radhi is actually a cool guy. Catch him in the upcoming 8TV miniseries "Goda". I am also part of the cast, during the 3rd Episode.

So, are we all that serious? Probably not. Look at us at the following photos? The giggle bunch. Soon Yoon, Tria & Peter.

Dansing Thru Broaway opens at Panggung Bandaraya on the 25th June 2008. This project is in aid of the Kanak Kanak Istimewa Hulu Lngat (Special Children of Hulu Langat).

Here is a glimpse of the show featuring the junior members of Dansing Thru Broadway rehearsing their bits during the tech run yesterday. Enjoy.

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PakciQue said...

Drama GODA adalah sebuah drama yang sangat dekat dengan penonton. Itulah realiti kehidpuan dalam mencari cinta. Betapa susahnya mencari cinta. Dan betapa susahnya mempertahankan cinta.

Baca review aku pasal GODA di http://kedaimagik.blogspot.com/search/label/Goda

Updated Episode 5: http://kedaimagik.blogspot.com/2008/09/goda-8tv-05.html

TQ. Jgn lupe komen. Ok. & Which one is you..?