Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dance & Sing

This is my second collaboration with Farah Sulaiman. The first one was way back in June last year where she choreographed all our dance steps in "Broadway Parodies Lah". She called for a meeting I think in September 2007 with a few of us to see if we are interested in a charity show and everyone said yes with no hesitation.

I'll be singing a few numbers in DanSing Thru Broadway namely "Last Night of the World" (duet with Alesia Dhana), "All I Ask of You" (duet with songbird Doreen Tang), "On The Street Where You Live" and dance in "Mooning" & "One". The rehearsal process has been really exciting so far. Partly because I know most of the cast members from previous productions. Nicole Ann-Thomas is a long time friend from The Phil , Sabrina Hassan & Peter Ong whom I get to know from the defunct musical "Natra", fellow M! The Opera cast members like Doreen Tang, Tria Aziz, Nicole, Peter. Also Tunku The Musical's Dance Captain Aris Kadir and new found friends TV actor Radhi Khalid, dancers Natasha, NorFarizah, Johan & the Sayang Dancers! Whoo hoo!

I am also enjoying all the light snacks prepared for us during rehearsals. So far my all time favourite are the fish balls! Cant stop eating them! Wanna see how fat I am already? It's all in the video!

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Junior Sayang Dancers (J.S.D) said...

its not fish balls..
its chicken balls...