Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rehearsal: 13th Apr 2008

Some of the happy faces that I manage to snap today. This boy (err.. sorry, forgot his name).. is singing in Jolly Holiday (from Mary Poppins)
Peter Ong & Tria Aziz. Remember Tria? Neh, the one who won RTM's Audition reality singing competition.. Hehe... She was also the "Waris Jari Hantu" theme song singer..

Tria will sing an energetic number from "Aida" called, "My Strongest Suit"
Aris Kadir, the lead dancer in the recent KLPAC's "Passion" with Tria Aziz & Peter Ong

Peter sings "Sunday Clothes", "Somewhere" (from West Side Story), "Mooning" (from Greese) while Aris will sing "Sandy" (from Greese)
Nicole Ann-Thomas. Catch her in "Three" in KLPAC, showing till 20th April 2008..

Nicole sings in "I Hope I Get It" (A Chorus Line), and "Mooning" (Greese)
Tria Aziz again.. er...
At first she was quite reluctant to pose for a photo..... haha... I forced her to smile!

Tria Aziz & Ho Soon Yoon
Junior Sayang Dancers
More Junior Sayang Dancers..

You must watch them dance! They will be dancing throughout the show for songs from Oliver, Newsies, Chorus Line and many more.


Aaron said...

looks like fun! can't wait to see what you guys have in store

Junior Sayang Dancers (J.S.D) said...

hey... the lil boys name is aethan .....

Junior Sayang Dancers (J.S.D) said...

ahaha, we all look damn happy.. i remember all tgh peluh like hell n we were tired.. BUt it was FUN.. :P