Monday, April 14, 2008

Woo-Hoo...My first blog ever!!!

Ciao tutti!!! 

We had a Great rehearsal today... I'm still feeling a bit shattered from it but nevermind (old age and all creeping up). I enjoyed the chicken rice and catching-up session after best of all...Thanks Soon Yoon and Nicole!

This production so far has been great for me in many ways. It's a fab ensemble piece, movement -wise, and it really tests my versatility with so many vocal character changes in such a short span of time. It keeps me on my toes (no pun intended) literally. To juggle it with my Mozart, Schubert, and Hahn as well as Rumba Walks, Promenade Runs and Cucarachas can sometimes make me feel a bit of a schizo. But I guess that's the joy of this production - I get to really find my limits and try to push them further. And I enjoy learning from the wonderful Farah Sulaiman as well as from all my esteemed cast members, young and younger (old is a noun that I'd like to just erase  ;) ). I've truly picked up lots of various insights and I look forward to growing with the rest of the team to pull off a FABULOUS SHOW!! I've always wanted to venture back into Musicals from Opera and Dance because it is such a wonderful amalgamation of the arts. Now I have the honour of "finding myself" with a cast of such talented people. You guys should really come out and support this show. The potential and talent really has not been seen on a KL stage in this context. And that I can say that I'm working with very dear friends makes the honour an even greater one. Thank you all!! Big bear hugs!!!

Now I shall try to snooze and get a foot rub tomorrow...such bliss...  :)

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