Monday, April 28, 2008

I Enjoy Being A Girl

I arrived at Duta Nusantara around 3:45pm yesterday. My call time was at 4:00 PM. Several of our cast members unable to make it for rehearsal due to fever and flu. Yeah, I noticed quite a few of those I know personally are not well too. Perhaps it was due to the wet weather that hit us recently? Or the sudden heat? I dont know. Perhaps the best is just to take more vitamins and sleep well.

Take a look at the girls singing "I Enjoy Being A Girl". This number is from the musical, "Flower Drum Song". I havent watch the show in neither West End nor Broadway but I truly adore the musics from Rodgers and Hammerstein II. My good friend bought me the album for Flower Drum Song from the revival casts featuring Lea Salonga and Jose Llana. Beautifully done and has most of the essence of the original one.

My all time favourite from the musical would definitely be "You Are Beautiful".

"....Along the Hwang Ho river................ You are beautiful.... "


Nass whY said...

i actually love this sequence. the girls are absolutely adorable. and Strongest Suit is prolly like the adult version of I Enjoy Being A Girl with our one and only Tria Aziz. haha!

Junior Sayang Dancers (J.S.D) said...

haha.... i feelllll sooooo fluffy wen i am doing this sequence...